swMATH ID: 6828
Software Authors: Felipe A. Cruz, Matthew G. Knepley, L. A. Barba
Description: PetFMM—A dynamically load‐balancing parallel fast multipole library PetFMM is a portable, extensible software library for N-body interactions, using the fast multipole method (FMM). The software is built to be used as a part of the PETSc library, and it is distributed as open source. It can be used either in serial or parallel mode. A prominent feature of PetFMM is its capacity for dynamic load balancing, based on an optimizing strategy for distribution of work among processors and a model of both work estimates and communication estimates. Check out the latest calculations being done with PetFMM on the https://bitbucket.org/petfmm/petfmm-dev/wiki. If you have interest or any questions about PetFMM, join the Mailing list and post there —traffic is very low and you can unsubscribe at any time: http://barbagroup.bu.edu/mailman/listinfo/petfmm
Homepage: https://bitbucket.org/petfmm/petfmm-dev
Related Software: CUDA; Matlab; CHARMM; NAMD; StarPU; ScalFMM; GitHub; pvfmm; exafmm; DASHMM; Boost; Armadillo; Boost C++ Libraries; VMD; Fastcap; FFTSVD; SDA; APBS; OpenCL; BLAS
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