swMATH ID: 6835
Software Authors: Wang, Lai; Lee, Frank X.
Description: MathQCDSR: A Mathematica package for QCD sum rules calculations We present a software package written in Mathematica for standard QCD sum rules calculations. Two examples are given to demonstrate how to use the package. One is for the mass spectrum of octet baryons from two-point correlation functions; the other for the magnetic moments of octet baryons in the external-field method. The free package FeynCalc is used to handle the gamma-matrix algebra. In addition to two notebooks for the construction of the QCD sum rules, two corresponding notebooks are provided for a Monte Carlo-based numerical analysis, complete with in-line graphical display of sum rule matching, error distributions, and scatter plots for correlations.
Homepage: http://library.wolfram.com/infocenter/Articles/8324/
Keywords: quantum chromodynamics; QCD sum rule method; Baryon masses and magnetic moments; Mathematica; FeynCalc
Related Software: FeynCalc; REDUCE; Mathematica
Cited in: 2 Publications

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