swMATH ID: 6861
Software Authors: JCMwave; S. Burger, L. Zschiedrich, J. Pomplun, F. Schmidt
Description: JCMSUITE - SOLUTIONS FOR NANOOPTICS. JCMsuite is a complete Finite Element software package for the computation of electromagnetic waves, elasticity and heat conduction. It paves the way for an accurate design of modern nanooptical devices. JCMsuite relies on fundamental concepts in mathematics and computer science. Highly complex real components can be treated without approximations. This results in exceptionally short computation times, compact data space requirements and highly robust software.
Homepage: http://www.jcmwave.com/
Keywords: Optics; arXiv_physics.optics; arXiv_physics.comp-ph; 3D EMF simulations; microlithography; adaptive high-order finite-element method; FEM
Related Software: FEAST; Matlab; RPExpand; PARDISO; Dr.LiTHO; JCMmode; MaX-1; CST MICROWAVE STUDIO; HFSS; COMSOL; FEniCS; FreeFem++; jcmWave; rbMIT
Cited in: 2 Documents
Further Publications: https://jcmwave.com/jcmsuite/applications

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3 Publications describing the Software Year
Advanced finite-element methods for design and analysis of nanooptical structures: Applications
S. Burger, L. Zschiedrich, J. Pomplun, M. Blome, F. Schmidt
Reduced basis method for computational lithography
J. Pomplun, L. Zschiedrich, S. Burger, F. Schmidt
Electromagnetic Field Simulations of Isolated and Periodic 3D Photomask Patterns
S. Burger, L. Zschiedrich, F. Schmidt, R. Köhle, B. Küchler, C. Nölscher

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