swMATH ID: 6883
Software Authors: Francisco Campuzano; Emilio Serrano; Juan A. Botía; Pablo Campillo
Description: UbikSim 2.0: Ambient Intelligence development driven by agent-based social simulation. ”Ambient Intelligence” (AmI) stems from the convergence of ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous communication and intelligent user-friendly interfaces and creates environments that will be characterized by their ubiquity, transparency and intelligence. AmI is of great interest to society because in a near future it can help us to do our work, improve our health, do house chore, and so on. However, the research on AmI presents new scientific challenges. Traditional usability engineering methods and tools fail in the development of the AmI. Established organizations such as the Usability Professional’s Organization have recognized the need for new approaches to usability testing. When the AmI is applied to a large number of users, there is a point where the real tests aren’t feasible. UbikSim try to provide solutions to these situations. Multi-agent based simulation, MABS, permits modelers to handle different levels of representation (e.g., ”individuals” and ”groups”, for instance) within an unified conceptual framework. The versatility makes MABS one of the most favorite and interesting support for the simulation of complex systems. MABS is used in more and more scientific domains : sociology, biology, physics, chemistry, ecology, economy, etc. UbikSim is the use of MABS in AmI. Specifically, complex AmI applications with a large numbers of users will be treated . The testing of the social behavior of the users groups is interesting in these applications. That is, we are interested in the macro-social perspective. Therefore, the overall aim of our research is to increase the usability of this type of complex a AmI applications. UbikSim is an infrastructure to study complex AmI applications which involve a large number of users.
Homepage: https://github.com/emilioserra/UbikSim/wiki
Source Code:  https://github.com/emilioserra/UbikSim/wiki
Keywords: ambient intelligence; testing; validation; social simulation; chronobiology; interactions
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