swMATH ID: 6884
Software Authors: Gascuena, Jose M.; Navarro, Elena; Fernandez-Caballero, Antonio; Pavon, Juan
Description: ICARO is a software framework to implement multi-agent systems (MAS) that promotes the use of different organizational and behavioural patterns. This has been extensively used in several projects and the conclusion is that productivity could be improved with the support of an agent-oriented modelling language. This would allow the specification of MAS at a higher level during design phases. Then, there is a need for code generation from the specifications to the ICARO framework. The INGENIAS Development Kit (IDK) supports both the specification of MAS models with all the characteristics that are required to implement MAS with ICARO and a set of facilities for code generation. This paper shows how ICARO is integrated with the IDK with the development of two IDK modules (code generator and code update) for the implementation of ICARO reactive agent applications.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-34654-5_41
Keywords: framework; multi-agent systems; MAS
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