swMATH ID: 6927
Software Authors: Poppe, Koen; Cools, Ronald
Description: CHEBINT: a MATLAB/Octave toolbox for fast multivariate Chebyshev approximation CHEBINT is a MATLAB/Octave toolbox that provides a user-friendly interface to multivariate Chebyshev approximations. It features highly efficient, fast FFT-based, algorithms to determine the approximation (see [2]) that are based on the theory of Chebyshev lattices as introduced in [1]. The approximations itself can then be manipulated, somehow similarly to symbolic equations: the toolbox provides definite/indefinite integration and differentiation, and basic operators like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division (as described in [3]).
Homepage: http://nines.cs.kuleuven.be/software/CHEBINT/
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: multivariate Chebyshev approximation
Related Software: Matlab; Padua2D; Padua2DM; Chebfun; LC3Ditp; LD3Ditp; LS2Ditp; Algorithm 792; Octave; CUBPACK; Python; LC2Ditp; polyquad; quadpy; GitHub; polygons; sparseFFTr1l; RDisk; LSphere; TEST_INT
Cited in: 14 Documents
Further Publications: http://nines.cs.kuleuven.be/research/publications/

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