swMATH ID: 6949
Software Authors: Afany Software
Description: B-Prolog is a high-performance implementation of the standard Prolog language with several extended features including matching clauses, action rules for event handling, finite-domain constraint solving, arrays and hash tables, declarative loops, and tabling. Read more on Wiki.
Homepage: http://www.picat-lang.org/bprolog/
Keywords: Prolog; logic programming system
Related Software: XSB; SICStus; YAP-Prolog; SWI-Prolog; Gecode; Prolog; Smodels; Zinc; COMET; JaCoP; MiniZinc; Ciao; Kotlin; TuSoW; SenticNet; ReSpecT; TuCSoN; ANTLR; tuProlog; LPaaS
Cited in: 16 Documents

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