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Software Authors: Susana Montero, Paloma Diaz, Juan Manuel Dodero, Ignacio Aedo
Description: A design toolkit for hypermedia applications The development process of hypermedia applications involves a variety of users with different levels of knowledge and skills. In order to get a good communication among participants, a graphical toolkit based on a method facilitates this work. In this paper, we present a design environment, AriadneTool, that allows a designer to model a hypermedia application, to validate such a design and to generate dynamically XML + SMIL implementation templates. This environment is based upon the Ariadne Method which offers a set of integrated activities to model hypermedia applications in a systematic and iterative way.
Homepage: http://journals.tdl.org/jodi/index.php/jodi/article/viewArticle/137
Related Software: SMIL
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A design toolkit for hypermedia applications. Zbl 1029.68824
Montero, Susana; Díaz, Paloma; Aedo, Ignacio

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