swMATH ID: 6984
Software Authors: Laurent Guigues, Eduardo Enrique Dávila Serrano, Jean-Pierre Roux
Description: CreaTools : development framework for medical image-processing software. The CreaTools are a software suite for medical image processing. They have been developed in C++ and are cross-platform (Linux, Windows and MacOS). The main element of the suite is BBTK (black-box tootkit), a flexible framework for the design, programming, testing and prototyping of applications. It provides the user with libraries of high-level components for: the construction of graphical interfaces, input/output (file management), display, interaction… These components (black-boxes) can be heterogeneous. Currently, they are mainly based on the following libraries: VTK, ITK and wxWidgets. The black-boxes can be assembled into pipelines, by use a very intuitive script language (bbs), in order to realize either stand-alone applications or meta-widgets, reusable in other applications. Script edition and testing are made easy by a user-friendly graphical environment (bbStudio) providing several forms of on-line help.
Homepage: https://www.projet-plume.org/en/relier/creatools
Keywords: medical image-processing; plume
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Further Publications: https://www.projet-plume.org/en/relier/creatools