swMATH ID: 7005
Software Authors: Marouane Belaoucha; Denis Barthou; Adrien Eliche; Sid-Ahmed-Ali Touati.
Description: FADA toolkit is the name given to our implementation of the FADA (Fuzzy Array Dataflow Analysis) )approach. It includes command line software (FADAtool) and a C++ library (FADAlib). FADA toolkit is an instance-wise dataflow analyser, based on reaching definitions approach.
Homepage: http://www.labri.fr/perso/barthou/ps/main_fadalib.pdf
Keywords: FADA; Fuzzy Array Dataflow Analysis
Related Software: isl; cvc3; SUIF; Stratego; OCEANS; PVM
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Further Publications: http://www.prism.uvsq.fr/~bem/fadalib/publications.html

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