swMATH ID: 7008
Software Authors: Filbet, Francis; Russo, Giovanni
Description: High order numerical methods for the space non-homogeneous Boltzmann equation. In this paper we present accurate methods for the numerical solution of the Boltzmann equation of rarefied gas. The methods are based on a time splitting technique. The transport is solved by a third order accurate (in space) positive and flux conservative (PFC) method. The collision step is treated by a Fourier approximation of the collision integral, which guarantees spectral accuracy in velocity, coupled with several high order integrators in time. Strang splitting is used to achieve second order accuracy in space and time. Several numerical tests illustrate the properties of the methods.
Homepage: https://www.projet-plume.org/en/relier/fast-boltzmann
Keywords: Boltzmann equation; Rarefied gas dynamics; Spectral methods; Splitting; algorithms
Related Software: HE-E1GODF; CUDA; FINUFFT; SMILE; MPI; Kokkos; PETSc; ISOGAT; SHASTA; RODAS; MOOD; Chemotaxis; Vador; WENO
Cited in: 48 Publications

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