swMATH ID: 7058
Software Authors: SONIC (Stochastic Optimisation and Nature Inspired Computing)
Description: EASEA (EAsy Specification of Evolutionary Algorithms) is an Artificial Evolution platform that allows scientists with only basic skills in computer science to exploit the massive parallelism of many-core architectures in order to optimize virtually any real-world problems (continous, discrete, combinatorial, mixed and more (with Genetic Programming)), typically allowing for speedups up to x1,000 on a \(5,000 machine, depending on the complexity of the evaluation function of the inverse problem to be solved. The EASEA code is also compatible with standard CPU machines and can run in parallel over a loosely coupled heterogenous architecture (typically PCs under Windows or Linux and Macintosh, with or without GPGPU cards that have internet access) through an embedded island model\)
Homepage: http://easea.unistra.fr/easea/index.php/EASEA_platform
Keywords: Artificial Evolution platform
Related Software: CUDA; ECJ; JCLEC; EOlib; GenProg; pCMALib; MOCell; CEC 05; DREAM; PMF; OpenCL; OPT4J; HeuristicLab; JDeal; MOEA/D; MPI; dgpf; OR-Library; PALS; ParaDisEO
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