swMATH ID: 7059
Software Authors: Sean Luke, Liviu Panait, Gabriel Balan, Sean Paus, Zbigniew Skolicki, Rafal Kicinger, Elena Popovici, Keith Sullivan, Joseph Harrison, Jeff Bassett, Robert Hubley, Ankur Desai, Alexander Chircop, Jack Compton, William Haddon, Stephen Donnelly, Beenish Jamil, Joseph Zelibor, Eric Kangas, Faisal Abidi, Houston Mooers, James O'Beirne, Khaled Ahsan Talukder, and James McDermott
Description: ECJ 21: A Java-based Evolutionary Computation Research System. ECJ is a research EC system written in Java. It was designed to be highly flexible, with nearly all classes (and all of their settings) dynamically determined at runtime by a user-provided parameter file. All structures in the system are arranged to be easily modifiable. Even so, the system was designed with an eye toward efficiency.
Homepage: http://cs.gmu.edu/~eclab/projects/ecj/
Programming Languages: Java
Related Software: ParaDisEO; EOlib; JCLEC; HeuristicLab; jMetal; OPT4J; MALLBA; Genocop; PERL; Python; KEEL; Jenetics; DEAP; Chips-n-Salsa; EasyLocal++; EASEA; CUDA; SPEA2; PerlGP; Scikit
Cited in: 11 Documents

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