swMATH ID: 7067
Software Authors: Takano, Akihiko
Description: Association computation for information access GETA (Generic Engine for Transposable Association) is a software that provides efficient generic computation for association. It enables the quantitative analysis of various proposed methods based on association, such as measuring similarity among documents or words. Scalable implementation of GETA can handle large corpora of twenty million documents, and provides the implementation basis for the effective information access of next generation.par DualNAVI is an information retrieval system which is a successful example to show the power and the flexibility of GETA-based computation for association. It provides the users with rich interaction both in document space and in word space. Its dual view interface always returns the retrieved results in two views: a list of titles for document space and “Topic Word Graph” for word space. They are tightly coupled by their cross-reference relation, and inspires the users with further interactions. The two-stage approach in the associative search, which is the key to its efficiency, also facilitates the content-based correlation among databases. In this paper we describe the basic features of GETA and DualNAVI.
Homepage: http://geta.ex.nii.ac.jp/e/
Keywords: Generic Engine for Transposable Association
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