swMATH ID: 7090
Software Authors: Torlak, Emina; Jackson, Daniel
Description: Kodkod: A relational model finder. The key design challenges in the construction of a SAT-based relational model finder are described, and novel techniques are proposed to address them. An efficient model finder must have a mechanism for specifying partial solutions, an effective symmetry detection and breaking scheme, and an economical translation from relational to boolean logic. These desiderata are addressed with three new techniques: a symmetry detection algorithm that works in the presence of partial solutions, a sparse-matrix representation of relations, and a compact representation of boolean formulas inspired by boolean expression diagrams and reduced boolean circuits. The presented techniques have been implemented and evaluated, with promising results.
Homepage: http://alloy.mit.edu/kodkod/
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Further Publications: http://alloy.mit.edu/kodkod/pubs.html

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Kodkod: A relational model finder. Zbl 1186.68304
Torlak, Emina; Jackson, Daniel

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