swMATH ID: 7096
Software Authors: Dal Palu, Alessandro; Dovier, Agostino; Pontelli, Enrico; Rossi, Gianfranco
Description: GASP: Answer set programming with lazy grounding. In recent years, Answer Set Programming has gained popularity as a viable paradigm for applications in knowledge representation and reasoning. This paper presents a novel methodology to compute answer sets of an answer set program. The proposed methodology maintains a bottom-up approach to the computation of answer sets (as in existing systems), but it makes use of a novel structuring of the computation, that originates from the non-ground version of the program. Grounding is lazily performed during the computation of the answer sets. The implementation has been realized using Constraint Logic Programming over finite domains.
Homepage: http://users.dimi.uniud.it/~agostino.dovier/PAPERS/LaSh08.pdf
Keywords: answer set programmin; logic programming; non-monotonic reasoning
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Cited in: 17 Publications

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