swMATH ID: 7132
Software Authors: W. Govaerts; Yu.A. Kuznetsov
Description: The study of differential equations requires good and powerful mathematical software. Also, a flexible and extendible package is important. A powerful and widely used environment for scientific computing is Matlab. The aim of MatCont and Cl_MatCont is to provide a continuation and bifurcation toolbox which is compatible with the standard Matlab ODE representation of differential equations. MatCont is a graphical Matlab package for the interactive numerical study of dynamical systems. It is developed in parallel with the command line continuation toolbox Cl_MatCont. The package (Cl_)MatCont is freely available for non-commercial use on an as is basis. It should never be sold as part of some other software product. Also, in no circumstances can the authors be held liable for any deficiency, fault or other mishappening with regard to the use or performance of (Cl_)MatCont.
Homepage: http://www.matcont.ugent.be/
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: continuation and bifurcation toolbox
Related Software: MATCONT; Matlab; AUTO; HomCont; CL_MATCONTL; AUTO2000; AUTO-07P; CONTENT; XPPAUT; pde2path; Maple; DSTool; COLSYS; NLvib; COCO; galepu; Torcont; DDE-BIFTOOL; SlideCont; LOCBIF
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