swMATH ID: 7135
Software Authors: Ginev, Deyan; Stamerjohanns, Heinrich; Miller, Bruce R.; Kohlhase, Michael
Description: The LaTeXML daemon: editable math on the collaborative web. The language of the TEX/LATEX typesetting system has become all-pervasive in scientific publications and has proven its stability, convenience and expressivity in its three-decade history. With the advent of the Web 2.0 paradigm, it has also become the primary choice of various technical and scientific social platforms, most prominently online encyclopedias (e.g. Planet-Math [Pla]) and question-answer forums (e.g. MathOverflow [Mat]). On the other hand, the standardization of MathML and OpenMath and the adoption of the former in HTML5, have opened the floodgates for scientific content native to the browser.
Homepage: http://dlmf.nist.gov/LaTeXML/
Source Code:  https://github.com/brucemiller/LaTeXML/
Related Software: LaTeX; DLMF; arXMLiv; PlanetMath; TeX; Maple; TNTBase; Hermes; Tralics; Mathematica; Mathoid; GitHub; sTeX; MathWebSearch; OMDoc; STEXIDE; ActiveMath; VMEXT; MathJax; MathML
Cited in: 22 Documents

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