swMATH ID: 7155
Software Authors: Bohnenkamp, Henrik; Belinfante, Axel
Description: Timed testing with TorX. TorX is a specification-based, on-the-fly testing tool that tests for ioco conformance of implementations w.r.t. a formal specification. This paper describes an extension of TorX to not only allow testing for functional correctness, but also for correctness w.r.t. timing properties expressed in the specification. An implementation then passes a timed test if it passes according to ioco, and if occurrence times of outputs or of quiescence signals are legal according to the specification. The specifications are described by means of non-deterministic safety timed automata. This paper describes the basic algorithms for ioco, the necessary modifications to standard safety timed automata to make them usable as an input formalism, a test-derivation algorithm from timed automata, and the concrete algorithms implemented in TorX for timed testing. Finally, practical concerns with respect to timed testing are discussed.
Homepage: http://fmt.ewi.utwente.nl/tools/torx/introduction.html
Keywords: Model-based on-the-fly Testing; Timed Automata; Real-Time Testing; TorX; Tools
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Cited in: 16 Publications
Further Publications: http://fmt.ewi.utwente.nl/research/publications/?project_id=1&project_name=C%25F4te-de-Resyste

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Timed testing with TorX. Zbl 1120.68409
Bohnenkamp, Henrik; Belinfante, Axel

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