swMATH ID: 7276
Software Authors: Hans P Zima; Heinz-J Bast; Michael Gerndt
Description: SUPERB: A tool for semi-automatic MIMD/SIMD parallelization. This paper describes the design of an interactive system for the semi-automatic transformation of FORTRAN 77 programs into parallel programs for the SUPERNUM machine. The system is characterized by a powerful analysis component, a catalog of MIMD and SIMD parallelization transformations, and a flexible dialog facility. It contains specific knowledge about the parallelization of an important class of numerical algorithms
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0167819188900026
Keywords: Multiprocessors; analysis of algorithms; program transformations
Related Software: PAT; CAPTools; MIMDizer; Sage++; STLlint; ParaWise; libstdc++; SUIF; ROSE; STAPL; SARA; BLAS; SPEFY; PILS; CGS
Cited in: 18 Publications

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