swMATH ID: 7286
Software Authors: Leroux, Jérôme; Point, Gérald
Description: TaPAS: the talence Presburger arithmetic suite. TaPAS is a suite of libraries dedicated to FO(ℝ,ℤ,+,≤). The suite provides (1) the application programming interface Genepi for this logic with encapsulations of many classical solvers, (2) the BDD-like library SaTAF used for encoding Presburger formulae to automata, and (3) the very first implementation of an algorithm decoding automata to Presburger formulae.
Homepage: https://tapas.labri.fr/wp/
Related Software: z3; CVC4; SPIN; LIRA; libVATA; Antichains; LTL2BA; SMT-LIB; McScM; CADP; TREX; cvc3
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TaPAS: the talence Presburger arithmetic suite. Zbl 1234.03002
Leroux, Jérôme; Point, Gérald

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