swMATH ID: 7289
Software Authors: Thomas Schiex; Simon de Givry; David Allouche
Description: Toulbar2 is an exact discrete optimization c++ open-source software for Graphical Models such as Cost Function Networks, Markov Random Fields, Weighted Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Weighted Max-SAT, Quadratic Pseudo-Boolean Optimization, and Bayesian Networks.
Homepage: http://miat.inrae.fr/toulbar2
Keywords: combinatorial optimization, discrete constraint optimization, constraint programming, integer programming, probabilistic inference, solution counting, constraint satisfaction problem, maximum satisfiability Areas of application: operations research, artificial intelligence, education, engineering
Related Software: mplp2; NumberJack; MaxHS; MiniMaxSat; GitHub; Gecode; MiniZinc; z3; LoMRF; SPFlow; RockIt; Xeggora; Tuffy; Alchemy; DIMACS; Walksat; YIELDS; ComputeTW; LibDAI; MiniBrass
Referenced in: 22 Publications

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