swMATH ID: 7291
Software Authors: Lawrence, Michael F.; Verzani, John
Description: Programming graphical user interfaces in R The book introduces each of the major R packages for GUI programming: RGtk2, qtbase, Tcl/Tk, and gWidgets. With examples woven through the text as well as stand-alone demonstrations of simple yet reasonably complete applications, the book features topics especially relevant to statisticians who aim to provide a practical interface to functionality implemented in R. The book offers:
– A how-to guide for developing GUIs within R
– The fundamentals for users with limited knowledge of programming within R and other languages
– GUI design for specific functions or as learning tools
The accompanying package, ProgGUIinR, includes the complete code for all examples as well as functions for browsing the examples from the respective chapters. Accessible to seasoned, novice, and occasional R users, this book shows that for many purposes, adding a graphical interface to one’s work is not terribly sophisticated or time consuming.
Homepage: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/ProgGUIinR/index.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: qtbase; RGtk2; R; GitHub; objectSignals; plumbr; qtpaint; cranvas; shiny; tourr; XGobi; RStudio; SAS; Mondrian; iplots; rggobi; MANET; Smalltalk; LISP-STAT; GGobi
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