swMATH ID: 7332
Software Authors: Yingsong Hu; Wayne Murray; Yin Shan
Description: Rlof: R parallel implementation of Local Outlier Factor(LOF) R parallel implementation of Local Outlier Factor(LOF) which uses multiple cpus to significantly speed up the LOF computation for large datasets. (Note: The overall performance depends on the computers especially the number of the cores). It also supports multiple k values to be calculated in parallel, as well as various distance measures in addition to the default Euclidean distance.
Homepage: http://www.icesi.edu.co/CRAN/web/packages/Rlof/index.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: mvoutlier; extremevalues; outliers; R; ICSOutlier; rrcovHD; alphaOutlier; abodOutlier; kmodR; HighDimOut; faoutlier; ICSShiny; REPPlab; robustX; denoiseR; depth; CerioliOutlierDetection; SOREX; ICS; robustbase
Cited in: 2 Publications

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