Projective Noether

swMATH ID: 734
Software Authors: Giusti, Marc; Hägele, Klemens; Lecerf, Grégoire; Marchand, Joël; Salvy, Bruno
Description: The Projective Noether Maple Package: Computing the dimension of a projective variety Recent theoretical advances in elimination theory use straight-line programs as a data structure to represent multivariate polynomials. We present here the Projective Noether Package which is a Maple implementation of one of these new algorithms, yielding as a byproduct a computation of the dimension of a projective variety. Comparative results on benchmarks for time and space of several families of multivariate polynomial equation systems are given and we point out both weaknesses and advantages of different approaches
Homepage: http://lecerf.perso.math.cnrs.fr/publications/GiHaLeMaSa:1998:pnp.pdf
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: Kronecker; SINGULAR; FGb; Magma; ISOLATE; noether.lib; Maple; MILONGA; PHCpack; Gambit; RAGlib; Epsilon; HOMPACK; INTOPT_90; INTLAB; Matlab; AXIOM; FOXBOX; LiDIA; GC
Cited in: 15 Publications

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