swMATH ID: 7374
Software Authors: Jacco van Beek
Description: matNMR: A flexible toolbox for processing, analyzing and visualizing magnetic resonance data in Matlab matNMR (matnmr.sourceforge.net) is a toolbox for processing, analyzing and visualizing magnetic-resonance data within the Matlab® environment (www.mathworks.com) that aims for control, flexibility and extendability. Processing can be done using either a graphical user interface or with command-line scripts, both of which allow user-defined processing or analysis functions to be incorporated at any time. The direct access to data points during processing, and the extensive library of mathematical and visualization routines provided by Matlab, afford the high degree of control and flexibility needed in modern magnetic-resonance research.
Homepage: http://matnmr.sourceforge.net/
Dependencies: Matlab
Cited in: 0 Publications