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Software Authors: Michel Alexeline, Rachid Malti, Patrick Lanusse, Pierre Melchior, Alain Oustaloup
Description: The CRONE (R) Toolbox, developed by the CRONE research group, is a Matlab and Simulink Toolbox dedicated to fractional calculus. The original theoretical and mathematical concepts, developed in the group, are used in the toolbox. During the last ten years, the CRONE Toolbox has been used by industrial partners in many applications. The last two decades have witnessed a growing interest in fractional derivatives and their applications. The aim of the CRONE group is to share its developments and its knowledge with scientists, researchers, and engineers world wide. For any specific developments, the CRONE group welcomes all collaborations. The CRONE group members are also ready to visit you for giving tutorial lectures with practice.
Homepage: http://archive.ims-bordeaux.fr/CRONE/toolbox/pages/accueilSITE.php?guidPage=home_page
Dependencies: Matlab
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