swMATH ID: 7427
Software Authors: A.M. Cohen, H. Cuypers, E. Reinaldo Barreiro
Description: MathDox is an ensemble of software tools for creating Interactive Mathematical Documents. It is a software system including an XML based language (based on DocBook) that offers markup support for the source texts of Interactive Mathematical Documents; a document server , rendering interactive mathematical documents from source text and interactively obtained information; mathematical services, providing connections with Computer Algebra Systems like Mathematica, Maxima and GAP via OpenMath phrasebooks.
Homepage: http://mathdox.org/new-web/index.html
Related Software: ActiveMath; LeActiveMath; OMDoc; Electronic Geometry Textbook; STEX+; SPARQL; TNTBase; MMT; Hets; foaf; GEOTHER 1.1; Intergeo; GeoGebra; Matlab; Flyspeck; miz3; LASCAD; MathScheme; Zemax; CodeV
Cited in: 10 Publications
Further Publications: http://mathdox.org/new-web/publications/index.html

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