swMATH ID: 7443
Software Authors: Anthony Wachs; Yannick Peysson
Description: GRIFF: a direct numerical simulation tool for particulate flows In the Oil and Gas industry, many situations are representative of particulate flows : cutting removal in drilling operations, sand management in production, dispersed hydrates transportation in pipeline, ... Such flows are particularly intricate in relation to the very different scales involved: from the particle to the flow domain. To enhance the comprehension of this class of multiphase flows ranging from moderately to highly concentrated suspensions, we developed GRIFF (GRains In Fluid Flow), a coupled solver based on a Distinct Element Method (DEM) for the granular part, which enables us to account for actual contacts between particles and consider particles of (polyhedral) arbitrary shape, and a FiniteElement Method for the fluid part. The coupling is achieved by a Distributed Lagrange Multipliers/Fictitious Domain method (DLM/FD) and an operator-splitting algorithm. We illustrate the capabilities of the numerical tool on the 2D sedimentation of particles of polygonal or circular shape in a Newtonian fluid.
Homepage: http://documents.irevues.inist.fr/bitstream/handle/2042/16612/CFM2007-0791.pdf?sequence=1
Related Software: Proteus; PELICANS; PeliGRIFF
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