swMATH ID: 7450
Software Authors: Mark Huisman; Marijtje A.J. van Duijn
Description: StOCNET is an open software system for the statistical analysis of social networks using advanced statistical models. StOCNET provides a platform to make a number of statistical methods, that previously were privately owned, available to a wider audience. The distinguishing feature of the methods included in the StOCNET system is that they are based on explicit probability models for networks. A wide array of statistical network methods is available (as described in The Software) for operation under Windows. The software for StOCNET has been developed in collaboration between software engineers of Science Plus, and the researchers who contributed the programs that are included in StOCNET.
Homepage: http://www.gmw.rug.nl/~stocnet/StOCNET.htm
Related Software: latentnet; statnet; R; network; sna; Ucinet; Pajek; Stata; ergm; degreenet; netperm; dynamicnetwork; SoNIA; networksis; GRADAP; SIENA; MultiNet; KrackPlot; SparseM; Bioconductor
Cited in: 5 Publications

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