swMATH ID: 7463
Software Authors: Marshall, M.S.; Herman, I.; Melançon, G.
Description: GVF - The Graph Visualization Framework. The Graph Visualization Framework is a set of design patterns and approaches that can serve as an example for applications that either manipulate graph structures or visualize them. The libraries implement several basic modules for input, graph management, property management, layout, and rendering. Some modules could be made to operate independently with some modification. For example, the graph management module can, in principle, be used as the data structure part of a program which doesn’t necessarily use visualization. An application called ”Royère” has been built using the GVF. Royère can be altered and extended to fit the needs of users. Some of the rationale for the design is described in a separate PDF document that has been published in Software: Practice & Experience
Homepage: http://gvf.sourceforge.net/
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An object-oriented design for graph visualization. Zbl 0972.68736
Marshall, M. S.; Herman, I.; Melançon, G.

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