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Software Authors: David, Auber
Description: Tulip. This paper briefly presents some of the most important capabilities of a graph visualization software called Tulip. This software has been developed in order to experiment tools such as clustering, graph drawing and metrics coloring for the purpose of information visualization. The main Tulip’s characteristics are: a graph model which allows clustering with data sharing, and a general property evaluation mechanism that makes the most part of the software reusable and easily extendable. This software has been written in C++ and uses the Tulip graph library, the OpenGL library and the QT library. The current version is fully usable and enables to visualize graphs with about 500.000 elements on a personal computer.
Homepage: http://tulip.labri.fr/TulipDrupal/
Related Software: Graphviz; Pajek; NetworkX; Cytoscape; Gephi; visone; PORGY; MOSBIE; GROOVE; RuleBender; GeoGebra; PIGALE; GRIP; Graph-tool; FSBAllocator; APINetworks; RSiena; lda; PRMLT; FAIS
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Further Publications: http://tulip.labri.fr/TulipDrupal/?q=bibliography

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Tulip. Zbl 1054.68572
David, Auber

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