Selcuk STAT

swMATH ID: 7519
Software Authors: Pekgör, Ahmet; Genç, Aşir
Description: Selçuk STAT with statistical calculations and performance evaluation Mining, analysing and presenting data by statistical packages provide their users the capability of modelling and foresight. Nowadays, by the virtue of technological improvement, users are empowered by various statistical packages against even most complicated statistical problems. But in current circumstances, to benefit completely from these packages, one must face various challenges. Two important criteria to choose one among competing packages may probably be the prices and the languages in which the packages are written. In this study, a free Turkish statistical package Selçuk STAT encoded with Delphi is compared with some other common statistical packages SPSS v17 and Minitab v15 in terms of their performance and speed.
Homepage: http://sjam.selcuk.edu.tr/sjam/article/view/324
Keywords: Delphi; { t Selc cuk STAT}; Monte Carlo simulation
Related Software: SPSS; MINITAB
Cited in: 1 Publication

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