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Software Authors: Petráš, Ivo
Description: Tuning and implementation methods for fractional-order controllers This survey paper presents methods of tuning and implementation of Fractional-Order Controllers (FOC). In the article are presented tuning, auto-tuning and self-tuning methods for the FOC. As the FOC are considered fractional PID controllers, the Commande Robuste d’Ordre Non Entier (CRONE) controller and fractional-order lead-lag compensators. As implementation techniques are described the IIR and FIR filters forms of approximation methods, which can be easily implemented in microprocessor devices such as for example the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), etc. The possibility for analogue implementation of such kind of controllers is also mentioned. An example of practical implementation of the FOC together with all problems and restrictions are described as well.
Homepage: http://rd.springer.com/article/10.2478%2Fs13540-012-0021-4
Keywords: fractional calculus; fractional-order controller; tuning; implementation
Related Software: CRONE; Matlab; DFOC; Fractional Order Chaotic Systems; sysdfod; ma2dfc; LTSpiceIV; PID_tuning; Simulink; Sprott's Software
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Tuning and implementation methods for fractional-order controllers. Zbl 1269.93039
Petráš, Ivo

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