swMATH ID: 7541
Software Authors: Gasilov, V.A.; Boldarev, A.S.; D'yachenko, S.V.; Olkhovskaya, O.G.; Kartasheva, E.L.; Boldyrev, S.N.; Bagdasarov, G.A.; Gasilova, I.V.; Boyarov, M.S.; Shmyrov, V.A.
Description: Program package MARPLE 3D for simulation of pulsed magnetically driven plasma using high-performance computing. The infrastructure of the MARPLE 3D software oriented on radiation plasmodynamic problems with dissipation in medium and transfer of radiant energy is described. Examples of its applications, like investigation of compression of the current-carrying plasma by self-magnetic field, are brought.
Homepage: http://www.mathnet.ru/php/archive.phtml?wshow=paper&jrnid=mm&paperid=3198&option_lang=eng
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