swMATH ID: 7592
Software Authors: Amini, N.; Javaherian, A.
Description: A MATLAB-based frequency-domain finite difference package for solving 2D visco-acoustic wave equation. Frequency-domain finite-difference (FDFD) modelling is widely used for multi-source experiments modelling and full waveform tomography. In this paper, a frequency-domain finite difference package written in MATLAB is presented which solves 2D visco-acoustic wave equation. The mixed-grid stencil is used as a state-of-the-art finite differencing approach and SuitSparseQR solver is utilised for solving the large linear system of equations. Because of the independence of frequency components and the use of TBB-enabled SuitsparseQR solver, the package benefits from parallel computation in multi-core machines. Using MATLAB, codes became more readable and using different visualisation facilities inside MATLAB made this package very useful for research purposes. This package uses a PML absorbing boundary and supports anti-time aliasing and reduction velocity technique. Different attenuation mechanisms can easily be implemented. The performance of codes are examined on simple and complicated models which proved satisfactory in terms of accuracy and required CPU time, both in single and multi-source cases.
Homepage: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/research/sparse/SPQR/
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