swMATH ID: 76
Software Authors: Mokhtarzadeh, M.R.; Mokhtary, R.; Chegini, N.G.
Description: Bi-CG: An effective solver for three fields domain decomposition method in parallel environments After applying the substructuring preconditioner for a linear system stemming from the three fields domain decomposition method for elliptic boundary value problems, the preconditioned system will be nonsymmetric and the bi-conjugate gradient (Bi-CG) method can be applied. We show that in parallel environments the Bi-CG method works as preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) method which was applied by S. Bertoluzza [Math. Comp. 73, No. 246, 659–689 (2003)], and in this case extensive numerical tests, performed on both conforming and nonconforming formulation, show that Bi-CG can work faster than PCG
Homepage: http://netlib.org/linalg/html_templates/node32.html
Keywords: Three fields domain decomposition method; Bi-Conjugate Gradient method; Galerkin method; numerical examples; preconditioning; comparison of methods; elliptic boundary value problems
Related Software: CGS; GpBiCg; BiCGstab; na1; ILUT; Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection; SPARSKIT; ITSOL; BLAS; PARDISO; tn; LSQR; PILS
Cited in: 34 Publications

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