swMATH ID: 7651
Software Authors: Aktemur, Barış; Kamin, Sam
Description: Mumbo: a rule-based implementation of a run-time program generation language We describe our efforts to use rule-based programming to produce a model of Jumbo, a run-time program generation (RTPG) system for Java. Jumbo incorporates RTPG following the simple principle that the regular compiler – or, rather, its back-end – can be used both for ordinary, static compilation and for run-time compilation. This tends to produce a run-time compiler that is inefficient but potentially subject to improvement by partial evaluation. However, the complexity of the language and compiler have made it difficult for us to achieve actual optimization. The model, written in Maude, preserves all the essential ingredients of Jumbo, but operates on a simplified language, called Mumbo. The simplification in the language together with Maude’s support for code rewriting has allowed us to make rapid progress. We discuss the model in detail, the kinds of optimizations we have obtained, and the impact on the Jumbo project.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1707007
Keywords: run-time program generation; rule-based programming
Related Software: Maude
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