swMATH ID: 7660
Software Authors: Rich Stankewitz
Description: JULIA 2.1: FRACTAL DRAWING PROGRAM Welcome to the launch page for the Julia fractal drawing program first developed by Team Motivity and Rich Stankewitz of Ball State University, and then further developed by Wendy Conatser, Sida Qiu, and Ben Dean. This program is a specialized tool for the study of various dynamical systems. The program JULIA is designed to draw (for allowable map types) the following types of sets in the complex plane: 1) Julia sets of a function. 2) Julia sets of rational semigroups. 3) Attractor sets of an Iterated Function System (IFS). 4) Iterates of a seed value under any of the allowable map types. 5) Postcritical sets (of finite order) of any function or semigroup of the allowable map types. 6) Forward and Inverse images (using any of the allowable map types) of the above sets or any sets imported into Julia.
Homepage: http://rstankewitz.iweb.bsu.edu//juliahelp2.0/julia.html
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