swMATH ID: 7699
Software Authors: Rusinkiewicz S, Levoy M
Description: The QSplat Multiresolution Point Rendering System. QSplat is a program for displaying large geometric models in real time. It was originally designed during the course of the Digital Michelangelo Project, to render the hundred-million-polygon models we were producing. It features: Fast startup and progressive loading. Real-time interactive display with a user-selectable frame rate. Refinement to a high-quality rendering when idle. Point-based multiresolution representation with splat rendering, level-of-detail control, and hierarchical visibility culling. Compact representation - 6 bytes per input point including normals, 9 bytes including color Fast preprocessing. QSplat is available for research and commercial use, free of charge, as described at the bottom of this web page.
Homepage: http://graphics.stanford.edu/software/qsplat/
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Cited in: 20 Publications

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