swMATH ID: 7754
Software Authors: Wolf, Thomas
Description: Applications of CRACK in the classification of integrable systems. The classifications of integrable systems are obtained by using a computer program. A method to reduce the length of the equations for large bilinear algebraic systems is presented. The integrable polynomial vector evolution equations, quadratic Hamiltonians with an e(3) Lie-Poisson structure and nonlocal 2+1-dimensional evolution equations are studied. An overview of the computer algebra program CRACK used in this paper is given and the algorithm designed to length-reduce differential equations is presented. The program CRACK is a computer algebra package written in REDUCE and it enables the obtaining of solutions of algebraic systems, ordinary, or partial differential equations with at most polynomial nonlinearity
Homepage: http://lie.math.brocku.ca/Crack_demo.html
Dependencies: REDUCE
Keywords: integrable system; quadratic Hamiltonian; polynomial nonlinearity
Related Software: REDUCE; LIEPDE; Maple; SYMMGRP; GeM; ConLaw; ApplySym; LIE; diffgrob2; SYMMGRP.MAX; SPDE; DIMSYM; BIGLIE; Mathematica; SADE; Janet; SINGULAR; PDEtools; DifferentialGeometry; CoCoA
Cited in: 57 Publications

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