swMATH ID: 7781
Software Authors: Georgi, B., Costa, I.G., Schliep, A
Description: PyMix–the Python mixture package–a tool for clustering of heterogeneous biological data. The Python Mixture Package (PyMix) is a freely available Python library implementing algorithms and data structures for a wide variety of data mining applications with basic and extended mixture models. Features: Finite mixture models of discrete and continuous features; Wide range of available distributions (Normal, Exponential, Discrete, Dirichlet, Normal-Gamma, Uniform, HMM); Bayesian mixture models; ML and MAP parameter estimation; Context-specific independence structure learning; Partially supervised parameter learning; Parameter estimation for pairwise constrained samples
Homepage: http://www.pymix.org/pymix/
Related Software: BClass; pyMEF; Mixmod; JASPAR
Referenced in: 2 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.pymix.org/pymix/index.php?n=PyMix.Publications

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