swMATH ID: 7801
Software Authors: CIMNE; Quantech ATZ
Description: Vulcan: Casting and foundry analysis. Because of the great pressure provoked by today’s global competition and demand for lower costs, foundries are increasingly required to produce more sophisticated, more value-added parts while joggling with reduced delivery schedules. Trial-and-error techniques are not longer used in manufacturing more complex parts because of the significant costs and excessive time required. How to increase your hability to develop more sophisticated, greater-valued parts in such a fiercely competitive environment? Only computer simulations, by defining a digital model where to perform analysis, before the definitive real models are built, let companies spend less time in the design process, and save money by avoiding the costs of physical manufacturing of moulds and discarded parts.
Homepage: http://www.quantech.es/vulcan.aspx
Related Software: MARC/AutoForge
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