swMATH ID: 7816
Software Authors: CIMNE
Description: Digital Image Processing Framework (DIPPO) is an adaptive and user-friendly graphical user interface for modeling, data input and visualization all types of digital data. DIPPO is focus in digital image processing in the numerical research field to generating meshes from the digital images, to apply in computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics. DIPPO contains several tools for the images treatment using advanced images processing. DIPPO is written in the Tcl/tk interpreted language so that it will be easily integrated as a module of other programs at a later stage. The object oriented structure has been implemented using Snit also in order to be integrated as a module other programs to perform numerical simulation. The program GUI is based on VTK (Visualization toolkit) which is an open source toolkit which can be integrated freely in commercial software as well ITK (Insight Toolkit). DIPPO has been build modularly so that it will be relatively easy to include other modules or visualization tools.
Homepage: http://www.cimne.com/cdl1/vpage/2/60/Digital-Image-Plataform
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