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Software Authors: F. Pellegrini; J. Roman
Description: Scotch 3.1 User’s Guide. The efficient execution of a parallel program on a parallel machine requires good placement of the communicating processes of the program onto the processors of the machine. When both the program and the machine are modeled in terms of weighted unoriented graphs, this problem amounts to static graph mapping. This document describes the capabilities and operations of Scotch, a software package devoted to graph mapping, based on the Dual Recursive Bipartitioning algorithm. Predefined mapping strategies allow for recursive application of any of several graph bipartitioning methods, including Fiduccia-Mattheyses, Gibbs-Poole-Stockmeyer, and multi-level methods. Scotch can map any weighted process graph onto any weighted target graph, whether they are connected or not. We give brief descriptions of the algorithm and bipartitioning methods, detail the input/output formats, instructions for use, and installation procedures, and provide a number of examples.
Homepage: http://www.labri.fr/perso/pelegrin/scotch/
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