swMATH ID: 7862
Software Authors: SimuNova UG; P. Gottschling; A. Lumsdaine
Description: Overview of MTL4: The Matrix Template Library 4 incorporates the most modern programming techniques to provide an easy and intuitive interface to users while enabling optimal performance. The natural mathematical notation in MTL4 empowers all engineers and scientists to implement their algorithms and models in minimal time. All technical aspects are encapsulated in the library. This has two fundamental advantages: Not worrying about technical details speeds up scientific and engineering software development tremendously. Not hard-wiring hardware features in application allows for easy porting to new platforms.
Homepage: http://www.simunova.com/de/mtl4/
Related Software: PETSc; BLAS; Boost C++ Libraries; Boost; STL; DOLFIN; deal.ii; Blitz++; GrAL; TNT; CLAPACK; LAPACK; ATLAS; PGFPlots; OpenBLAS; FEAPpv; SuiteSparse; HP90; Concepts; TUNAM
Cited in: 11 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.simunova.com/node/151

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