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Software Authors: Wuensche, Andrew
Description: Exploring discrete dynamics. The DDLab manual This book is a comprehensive guide to studying cellular automata and discrete dynamical networks with the classic software discrete dynamics laboratory (DDLab), widely used in research and education. These collective networks are at the core of complexity and emergent self-organisation. With interactive graphics, DDLab is able to explore a huge diversity of behaviour, mostly terra incognita – space-time patterns, and basins of attraction – mathematical objects representing the convergent flow in state-space. Applications range within physics, mathematics, biology, cognition, society, economics and computation, and more specifically in neural and genetic networks, artificial life, and theories of memory.
Homepage: http://www.ddlab.com/
Related Software: ConwayLife; Boids
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Exploring discrete dynamics. The DDLab manual. Zbl 1280.68009
Wuensche, Andrew

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