swMATH ID: 789
Software Authors: Anthony C. Hearn; Rayna, Gerhard; Rainer Schöpf; Thomas Sturm
Description: REDUCE is an interactive system for general algebraic computations of interest to mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Computer algebra system (CAS). It has been produced by a collaborative effort involving many contributors. Its capabilities include: expansion and ordering of polynomials and rational functions; substitutions and pattern matching in a wide variety of forms; automatic and user controlled simplification of expressions; calculations with symbolic matrices; arbitrary precision integer and real arithmetic; facilities for defining new functions and extending program syntax; analytic differentiation and integration; factorization of polynomials; facilities for the solution of a variety of algebraic equations; facilities for the output of expressions in a variety of formats; facilities for generating optimized numerical programs from symbolic input; calculations with a wide variety of special functions; Dirac matrix calculations of interest to high energy physicists.
Homepage: http://reduce-algebra.sourceforge.net/
Keywords: orms; computer algebra
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This software is also referenced in ORMS.
Further Publications: http://reduce-algebra.sourceforge.net/bibl/bib.html
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