swMATH ID: 7913
Software Authors: Peisen Zhang, Xiaolu Ye, Li Liao, James J. Russo, Stuart G. Fischer
Description: Integrated Mapping Package - A Physical Mapping Software Tool Kit. We have developed an integrated physical mapping computer software package (IMP), originally designed to support the physical mapping of human chromosome 13 and expanded to support several gene-identification projects based on the positional candidate approach. IMP displays map data in a form that provides useful guidelines to the end users. An integrated map with high resolution and confidence is constructed from different types of mapping data, including hybridization experiments, STS-based PCR assays, genetic linkage mapping, cDNA localization, and FISH data. The map is also designed to provide suggestions for specific experiments that are required to obtain maps with even higher resolution and confidence. To this end, the optimization employs multiple constraints that take into account already established STS “scaffold” maps. This software thus serves as an important general tool kit for physical mapping, sequencing, and gene-hunting projects.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0888754398956312
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