swMATH ID: 7958
Software Authors: Joe, H., Chou, L.W., Zhang, H
Description: R package mprobit: Multivariate probit model for binary/ordinal response. Multivariate normal rectangle probabilities (positive exchangeable, general, approximations); MLE of regression and correlation parameters in the multivariate binary/ordinal probit models: exchangeable, AR(1), and unstructured correlation matrix.
Homepage: http://www.icesi.edu.co/CRAN/web/packages/mprobit/index.html
Dependencies: R
Related Software: weightedScores; AS 195; mvtnorm; CopulaModel; multgee; PROC GENMOD; repolr; geepack; SAS; SPSS; R; QSIMVN; nacopula
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3 Nikoloulopoulos, Aristidis K.

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